Admission Office & Requirements for Application

Form one (1) - Any form one applicant Male or Female who have complited Standard/ Class seven and the term usually have 2 terms of which the first term starts on January and ends on June Also the second term starts on July and Ends on November each year.

Form Five (5) - Any candidate Male or Female who have complited form four (4) studies with atleast three credits including some of the subjects stated in a combination intended by the applicants for advances leve studies.

Meta High school offer the following Combination for Advanced level:-

  • HKL - History, Kiswahili and Language.
  • HGK - History, Geography and Kiswahili.
  • HGL - Histrory, Geography and Language.
  • HGE - Histrory, Geography and Economics.
  • ECA - Economics, Commerce and Accounts.
  • EGM - Economics, Geography and Mathematics.
  • PCM - Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • PGM - Physics, Geography and Mathematics.
  • PCB - Physics, Chemistry and Biology.
  • PGE - Physics, Geography and Economics.
  • CBM - Chemistry, Biology and Mathematics.
  • CBG - Chemistry, Biology and Geography.

Also its have two (2) term of which the first term on April and end on August and the second term start on October up to February of the succeeding year.

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