Out History

Mbeya Regional named from its headquater is one of the most populated areas in Tanzania. It situtated in the South West part of the country and is one of the few highlands regions in Tanzania. The regiona experience a rather cool climate almost throughtout the year which is very condusive climate for learning.

Meta High School is located 2 kilometer South of Mbeya city center. The school can be easily reached as it is located adjacent to Sinde - Meta Hospital tamac road. It was estabished in April 1984 and officially registered in June 1986 vide registration number S.231. Meta Secondary School is the largest of the fourteen Secondary school located in the city and of course one owned by the TANZANIAN PARENTS ASSOCIATION and Managed by Moravian Church. - South West of Tanzania.

At its offing, the school took over the premises and old building of the defunct Mbalizi Roal Primary school which was owned by Mbeya Minicipal Councl.

The three building acquired were renovated by the parent of the prospectives student of the school at that time on self-help basis. After Extensive repair and partition these building were put into use of as classrooms and staff offices. Between 1987 to 1994 more building were erected due to an incereasing demend arising from registration of the greater number of new students in form one (1) and form five (5). At that time and students and their Parents/ Guardians made bricks from mud and backed them. The work was carried out mainly on self - help basis. A few support come from NORAD and the National Education Trust Fund of Tanzania in form of corrugated Iron, Cement Ceiling board, Timber and other building materials. Labour expenses and purchase of some of the building Materials were done by school from the school fees purse.

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